• In cooperation with SOPHIA FINANCE, Ltd. we will ensure you the best financing of your accomodation
  • We will ensure you with complex services in the area of financing through our partner and Czech-Irish company SOPHIA FINANCE, once of the 3 biggest specialist on the market of financing, constituted in 1997 and having offices around the whole Czech Republic
  • SOPHIA FINANCE runs the loan for almost 3 billions of Czech Crowns for more than 2,000 satisfied customers
  • SOPHIA FINANCE cooperation with 14 banks and insurance institutions – individually compares theirs products and choices the most suitable for your situation

Therefore we can guarantee hight level of services of SOPHIA FINANCE

  • Largest offer of products
  • On avarage you may save up to CZK 100,000
  • Preferable interest rates lower of 0,7%
  • Low payments of loan

SOPHIA FINANCE also provides

  • Mortgage without prooving your income
  • Financing with 0% of own money
  • All services connected with providing loans free-of-charge
  • Services of private loan advisor
  • Complex solutions including buiding savings and insurance


  • Purchase of flat, house, cottage.
  • Purchase of share in cooperative.
  • Purchase of plot.
  • Building up, reconstruction of real estate.
  • Purchase of share on real estate.
  • Setoff of ownership shares on real estates.
  • Setoff the inheritance shares on real estates.
  • Payment up of loan and mortgages in advance.
  • Refinancing of own means invested into real estate.

5 advises for your mortgage

  • How to compare products
  • Should you be looking for the most convenient mortgage it is not satisfactory to compare the interest rate or the total amount you will pay. Bank do not have the duty to show the real price of the loan (RPSN). Simple price comparison, that includes all fees is therefore very difficult.

  • Be careful on mortgages joint with life insurance
  • You may find offer for mortgage that is combined with life insurance. Do not trust to advantages. Generally, it is a mean how to be more proffitable.These cobinations are not only expensive but might be also risky.

  • Read carefully mortgage agreements
  • In order to get the loan approved easily, bank do insert into agreement conditions on release of loaned amounts. In reality it means you loan has been approved but you will not see your money before you fulfil additional conditions. Verify that you can fulfil all your conditions.After the signature it is very difficult to change these conditions.

  • Watch the market even when you have the mortgage
  • Do not forget that you can pay up your mortgage at the exd of fixed term. Watch therefore conditions of the loans on market. Should your bank refuse worse conditions for the other period, do not hesitate to change the bank. During the whole period of your mortgage you can save hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns.

  • Use services of your mortgage expert
  • You can visit all banks, compare their offers and desparate about papers or you can visit your mortgage expert and leave all up to him. Good expert has a large portfolio of banks and products, advisory services and plan of optimal financing.Large expert will provide you with better interest rate, moreover this service is paid by bank.

All our services are available anywhere in Czech Republic.

Please organize unbiding meeting in our or your office.

  • Brno
  • České Budějovice
  • Hradec Králové
  • Liberec
  • Olomouc
  • Ostrava
  • Pardubice
  • Písek
  • Plzeň
  • Praha
  • Prostějov
  • Teplice

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