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Insurance of the real estate

Insurance of real estates complexes is designed as for family houses as for flats, cottages or any other object such as swimmingpools, glashouses, garages or fences.

Advantages of an insurance

  • Insurance covers the all costs for rebuilding of destroyed object, e.g. in case of total demolition of an house the insurance will cover all costs up to re-building a new house
  • Maximum fulfilment from insurance is choosen by you according to your needs
  • There is no need of visit of the insured areas
  • You can add to the insurance an insurance against any damages you or lessee or maintenace company may cause

What is covered

  • Fire, explosion, direct hit by flash, fall of an aircraft or its carriage
  • Floods
  • Storms, hurricanes or hail-storm
  • Land slide, ruin of rocks or soil, snow-slides, trees, mast or any other objects
  • By pressure of snow or ice
  • Earthquake
  • Running water from pipes or water device
  • Overpressure of water
  • Burglary or theft
  • Other voluntary destroying or damaging of the thing