In cooperation with the noviny company TAVOČER, s.r.o. we will provide you with fast and proffessional moving in Prague, in the Czech Republic or in abroad.

TAVOČER provides:

  • Professional removal service
  • You will know final price before the removal
  • No fees for kilometers or placing a removal car are charged.
  • visit of technician FREE-OF-CHARGE
  • Rent of boxes and packaging FREE-OF-CHARGE
  • Higher floors without extra fee
  • Public holidays and weekends for same price
  • Complete insurance of removal services

Do not hesitate to contact company TAVOČER, s.r.o. and you will not face any troubles!

TAVOČER offers

  • Removal of flats, households and houses
  • Removal of offices, companies and for companies
  • International removal as well as within Czech Republic
  • Removal of singular things and single pieces of furniture
  • Transportation of persons by buses or minibuses
  • Wrapping and packaging services and materials
  • Removal services within object - disposition wihin building, help with loading - loading out
  • Assembly of furniture, transportation and removal of furniture
  • Car transportation, transportation services and delivery of goods within Prague and Czech Republic

How removal is organized

How to prepare for removal?
We do not want to borther you much with removal, we try to help you as much as possible with easy removal.

Preparation of company Tavočer for removal

  • Estimation of costs.
  • Upon request, required amount of boxes is delivered of various sizes, for dishes, cloth and any odds.
  • Complete preparation of your real estate for removal.
  • Upon your request we can before the removal dissasamble furniture and pack all equipment.
  • In case of more complicate removals in Prague, technician assists you FREE-OF-CHARGE with all details and to avoid any possible problems that may occur during removal. Besides he will estimate costs of removal precisely.

Regular course of removal

  • removal proceeds according your wish and without any delays. Due to preparation there are generally no complications, therefore there is no need to be afraid.
  • On determined day and time a removal car arrives and loads all boxes.
  • Once all things are secured, transportation begins.
  • After arrival all removed things are brought carefully to flat/house/office.
  • Furniture and other things are wrapped out and placed according instructions.
  • Fast and problems-free removal is overseen by a removal manager.

How much will the removal cost

Rough estimation of costs is provided by noviny company TAVOČER by a phone call or by filling in a form available on website.

Tavočer, s.r.o., ul. Nad Vinným potokem 2, 101 00 Praha 10

tavocer Tel.+420 607 855 644