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Reconstruction and interiors

In cooperation with company Tuček Design we can provide you with proffessional, fast and quality reconstruction of your flat or house.

Tuček Design provides

  • Masonry and Cladding works
  • Construction interiors proposals
  • Flat changes – reconstructions of bath core
  • Electricity works
  • Installation works
  • Heating
  • Floors
  • Tiller works
  • Paiting works
  • Cleaning service
  • Cleaning
  • Consulting

How it works

Legal service

  • Prepare a list of areas you want to reconstruct and period of reconstruction
  • Order longer time in advance a FREE-OF-CHARGE visit of the company´s representant which will on spot advise you of possibilities of reconstruction and extent of construction works. He will measure all and provide you with ideal solution, proposing suppliers of things.
  • In 48 hours technician will contact you with estimated budget and proposing dates for works to begin. Also he will provide you with detailed explanation of the whoile process of reconstructions and if any help is required from your side.
  • Before and during the reconstruction technician will advise with samples of materials to choose.
  • Before and during reconstruction the flat/house will be prepared for reconstruction in the way to minimise dirtiness.
  • During reconstruction there is on-going communication with you to accomplish all your requests and fulfil all your wishes. In case of non-foreseeable issues that would represent increase of costs, you will be immediately informed of this fact, there will be several solutions offered to you to choose.
  • After reconstruction technician will go with you through all reconstruction works to fix even small details.

Tuček Design

tavocer Petrohradská 22, 101 00 PRHA 10
Mob.: +420 603 878 746
Tel.: 271 745 693