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New service for buyers: SEARCH OF REAL ESTATES!

Discover in comfort of your home new services for buyers who are looking for a real estate BUT:

  • You don´t have time to spend hours searching on the internet and best offers are gone when you call?
  • You don´t have time to compare the large offer on the market with real estates?
  • You don´t have force to make hundreds of phone calls?
  • You do not know what all you should ask?
  • You look for answers regarding tax, construction or technical questions?
  • You do not know the future development of the real estate market and you dont know what would be the best investment?
  • You are afraid of agreements in seller´s favour?
  • Etc.

You look for help? This all we can do for you any provide you with support; our approach is proffessional, we are objectively advising you

  • We can advise you what to look for, which real estate suits best to your requirements...
  • We will tailor the search to your requirements
  • We will cocntact you on regular basis with the overview of the real estates
  • We will search carefully on the real estate market to choose the best real estate for you ...
  • We will analyse legal state of the real estate, provide you with tax and financing advises
  • We will save you time and your nerves.
  • We will provide proffessional evalution containing all pros and cons
  • We will help you to negotiate the price (our reward is not related to purchase price)
  • We will assist you during signing of all agreements

Terms and Conditions

Search for real estates in price of:

  • 1 to 5 mio …..... CZK 70,000
  • 5 to 10 mio ..... CZK 100,000
  • Above 10 mio ..... CZK 150,000
  • Above 20 mio ..... CZK 250,000
  • Specific budget, more real estates as per agreement
  • Deposit of 50% when making reservation with the seller; if the agreement is then not signed, deposit is returned.
  • Our reward is payble after signature of the purchase agreement.